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    RAq 4i PHP Update Install


    I am using a RaQ 4i for hosting relatively low volume sites for friends and small clients. I want to update the PHP on the server, but don't know how to do it.

    We haven't updated the server for quite some time (years), and it has whatever PHP got shipped with it, which does not handle everything we want to do with PHP.

    Two questions:

    1) How do I install the latest PHP to the server: Where do I get the upgrade/update, and how do I mechanically place it on my server so it is usable? Please be specific...I'm not the most literate guy when it comes to Linux, and I can work my way through the shell, though I prefer to work with the GUI.

    2) It seems Sun support for the RaQ is done for, so where can I find security patches and updates for the machine? The patches installed on the system are as follows:

    Relational Database Server and Client tools by InterBase. Release V6.0
    Cobalt OS Release 6.0
    RaQ4-All-Kernel Release 2.0.1-2.2.16C35-III-1
    RaQ4-All-Kernel Release 2.0.1-2.2.16C37-III-1
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 0.0.1-8577
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 1.0.2-8762
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-1-15578
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-1-15673
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-1-16170
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-13323
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-13453
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14039
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14559
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14997
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-15417
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-15823
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-15959
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16306
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16311
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16342
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16343
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16358
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-16365
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16402
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16409
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16429
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-16494
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16504
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-1-16505
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16561
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16571
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16602
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16612
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16633
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16648
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16662
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-16675
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-2-15787
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-2-16261
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.2-14936
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.2-16487
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.2-16620
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-12854
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-13993
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-14185
    RaQ4-en-OSUpdateRelease 2.0
    RaQ4-en-System Release 0.0.6-6375



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    One question; do any of your clients pay for the service? If so, are they
    informed of how insecure your server is?

    Running a RaQ with the old Cobalt OS for serious webhosting is plain
    suicide. Really.

    I would recommend you update to either RackStar OS or Strongbolt.

    RackStar is free but based on Fedora Core. Strongbolt costs 35 GBP
    but is based on CentOS. This makes it compatible with all CentOS/
    BlueQuartz products available - both free and commercially.

    Anything is better than the old insecure Cobalt OS.

    From these OSes you update PHP easily with yum update.

    If you stick with Cobalt OS you will have to download and compile
    PHP yourself or pay someone to install it for you. Just Google for it.

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    Check with Brian at - I know he's no longer supporting the RaQ 4, but he may still have some updates available for download and/or purchase.

    Otherwise I concur with others; find a way to migrate the content to a new box that's running something more up to date, or migrate the content and install a new payload like RackStar, then put your sites back. But that hardware is getting quite old; fan and drive failures are probably imminent... - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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    Does anyone know how to work with the RackStar OS? There are no instructions on how to even restore a RaQ... or is it the good old cable and Net boot?
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    No idea, I can only speak for Strongbolt where
    you restore just like the old RaQ OS, with the
    exception that pretty much any NIC will work.

    The installer is based on the Knoppix LiveCD.

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    Yup, I am using the StrongBolt as well. Maybe I will have a go at this RackStar and see what happens
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    Quote Originally Posted by galacnet
    Does anyone know how to work with the RackStar OS? There are no instructions on how to even restore a RaQ... or is it the good old cable and Net boot?
    The RackStar OS has pretty up-to-date software, but installing it is a major PITA. You need to pull the hard disk, stick them in a system with a CD-ROM, and boot with the disk you're imaging being IDE Master and the CD-ROM on the other channel. You image the disk(s) and then stick it back in the RaQ. It needs a 2.10-series ext3 ROM to install and boot.

    The good news is that the system is a spin of the Raq550 software, but with Linux 2.6.16, Apache 2.0.55, PHP 4.4.2, Perl 5.8.6 and MySql 4.1.16. It contains everything you would expect to see on the Raq550, and runs on 3s, 4s, and 550s. If you are handy disassembling and tweaking PKG files, you can probably install some 3rd-party 550 PKGs on it if you're careful (though they use it a a loss-leader to sell their own packages).

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    I tried out the Rackstar on a whitebox and it says php5
    But there are also other added options... ASP!! Looks like a fully loaded control panel.
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    It also would work with the RaQ550 OS. It is still supported, at least by third parties. PHP is also available (I found a package with PHP 5.0.5).
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