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    How to see all my paypal subscriptions and how to set them up ?


    I have two questions:

    - First, is there an guide to how to setup an paypal subscription
    - Second, where can i check who all has subscribed an subscription to my paypal account.

    I have something like phphostbot and whm autopilot but i dont like them..
    To much yada-yada.. i'm more the simple man


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    To find more information on setting up subscriptions, either look at PayPal's Integration Center, or look for more information within your PayPal account:
    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the Merchant Services tag
    3. Click on the Subscriptions & Recurring Payments link

    To find out who has subscribed,
    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the History tab
    3. Select "Subscriptions" from the "Show:" list
    4. Select a date range and click "Search"

    This will show you all subscription creations & cancellations within the date range you selected. It will include the current status of each subscription.
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    There is information in the book PayPal Hacks about setting up a subscription. See the O'Reilly site for Hack 61, which is freely available as a PDF as one of the books "sample hacks." You will add a subscription button to your site which your new subscribers can click on to subscribe.

    To view your past and current subscribers, log in, click the My Account tab, and click the History subtab. Select "Subscriptions" in the "Show" drop-down box. Select the date range in which you are interested, then click Search.

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    Thank you very much !
    Can i use this subscription link more then one time or do i have to make a new one for every person who buys the same again with me ?


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    You are probably going to only need one subscription button. Each of your subscribers can click on the same one.

    However, it would also be possible to generate a custom subscription button for each new subscriber, if you need to create a set of terms (amount, number of periods, etc.) specific for each buyer. We actually have a Hack that does something like that; Hack 63 shows you how to give each subscriber a customized subscription button timed so all of your subscriptions will expire on the same day.

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