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    centos:apache,php, yum install or source install?

    Given the benifit of centos that all the package are stable enough (also means that these packages are "outdated" in a way). Which way would you recommand to install apache and php? yum or install from source?

    I don't mind using yum to install all the other packages but I do need to make sure the apache and php are safe enough.

    What I concerned is that when apache roll out secure update (mod_rewrite in recently), centos won't have it in any near future for yum to pick up. Would be better to install apache from source, or just sit back rely on yum update because all the package in centos are suppose to be stable so I don't need to worry about it?

    The same question to php install.

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    centos back patches everything. As long as the lifecycle is still good for the version you are running you are ok on security issues
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    In apache release announcement, they stated that
    "In addition to a number of bug fixes to release 2.2.3, this release includes an 'important' security fix for mod_rewrite."
    Just want to make sure If I am using yum to update everything, would this fix be included in their version of httpd-2.0.52-22.ent.centos4.i386.rpm

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