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    Question logfiles being archived, but with wrong month name

    Apparently there was recently a back-end cPanel update that was automagically pushed through at my web host. It resulted in a lot of servers being "broken" because of some sort of mismatch between the "rndc" key thingie and the "named.conf" file. The fix was easy enough, and my sites are working again. But--

    Since the fix, my sites' logfiles are being archived with the wrong month name. For instance, this morning's daily archives were named "" instead of "".

    The logging information within the logfile is accurate (the right date and time, etc), so the server clock (?) would seem to be okay. But whatever does the archiving is off by one month.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what to look for with regard to fixing this. I have cPanel, Webhost Manager, Virtuozzo, and SSH access. If somebody could direct me to a URL with advice and/or instructions, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.


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    How do I manage to come up with so many problems that nobody else has, or has even heard of...?

    Ah, well; as long as the logfiles themselves are correct, I guess it doesn't really matter if their compressions are being assigned the wrong name.


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    Smile Solved... possibly....

    I don't know which part of what I did fixed the problem, but I took the following steps:

    • log into VPS account via SSH
    • open /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd in "nano"
    • in lines 69-71, change:
      PHP Code:
      my %MoY = ( 'Jan' => 0'Feb' => 1'Mar' => 2'Apr' => 3'May' => 4,
      'Jun' => 5'Jul' => 6'Aug' => 7'Sep' => 8'Oct' => 9,
      'Nov' => 10'Dec' => 11 );
      PHP Code:
      my %MoY = ( 'Jan' => 1'Feb' => 2'Mar' => 3'Apr' => 4'May' => 5,
      'Jun' => 6'Jul' => 7'Aug' => 8'Sep' => 9'Oct' => 10,
      'Nov' => 11'Dec' => 12 ); 
    • in lines 2287 and 2297, change "$lastmonth" to "$txtmonth"

    Then I executed the following commands:

    rm -f ~username/tmp/lastrun

    killall -9 cpanellogd


    ...where "username" was one of the two accounts on the VPS account.

    I don't know what the first command did, if anything. The second command stopped cpanellogd, I would guess, and the third got it going again, thus forcing cPanel to "see" the changes I'd made.

    The upshot is that now the daily logfile archives have sensible file names.


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