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    You are going over your resource allocations and in turn,


    I have a virtual private server that i host my client sites on. In the past 2 months i have noticed my sites going down a few times. i contacted my host to find out why this was happening and this is the email they sent me:

    You are going over your resource allocations and in turn, Virtuozzo kills processes in order to compensate for the overage. We find this common when customers are simply outgrowing their VPS. I strongly recommend upgrading to a GoldVPS, and if you already are a GoldVPS, then a dedicated server.

    Websites and the traffic they attract grow, and upgrading is the most viable stable solution.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Andy Pace
    System Administration
    Datacenter Operations

    I don't know anything about server admin so could somebody please explain to me what this means? Thanks.


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    Just means that the memory or processor units that they have allocated for your usage is being overutilized. In most cases, MYSQL/Apache is pulling down more resources than what you have available. He is suggesting you upgrade to the next higher VPS plan or find a dedicated server solution as currently you will still continue to see outages if you keep it the way it is.
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    hi ecsportal

    what do you mean by MYSQL/Apache is pulling down more resources? is there anything that i can do from my end to keep the memory or processor from being overutilize? thanks.


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    There are guides that explain how to optimize and fine tune both apache and mysql, but then you will be trading performance for memory.

    You can also opt to use lighter versions such as lighttpd/sqlite depending on your expertise.

    You can also simply turn away the extra traffic you're generating, as your server couldn't handle any more of them.

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    Yup, looking at httpd.conf and my.cnf for mysql is a start. It could screw things up/cause downtime so it may be better to hirer a decent admin to do this for an hour or so. Alternatively, moving to a dedicated server wouldn't hurt.

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