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    question about hosting

    I am trying to have a models site. I want to offer the site for free for aboiut 6 months until I get alot of hits. Then I want to be able to charge people to get into a members area. Sort of how adult sites work. They have a free section, and then if you want more, you have to become a member to go to members area. On certain sites I see when you click join now, it takes you to, and you pay them. Then you get an email with a username and password, or you actually create your own username and password. How does this work? Is it actual web hosting package needed, or is this just scripts that people right? I want them to go to a site, and then click join now, when they click it, they put in credit card information, and then after they submit it, they are sent a username and password to get to members area on my site. Please help. I am totally clueless on how this works.

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    It's a script that they wrote (or bought). If you are going to have Adult/Nude content, check with your perspective web host before signing up. Not all allow it.

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    You'll need a host (of course, to host your files/images/scripts) and a script to manage the membership section.

    You may find an script for that at
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    Just about any PHP/MySQL host will do what you are looking to do. Remember that you'll have to factor in a dedicated IP and a SSL certificate if you're processing payments and holding personal information. Also check in with the host to see if it is alright to host those types of files, check their terms, if you are unsure, call/email/livechat them.

    As for the script part of it, either get it custom made or find one that already exists and you should be fine.

    Best of luck!
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    You sure need a web hosting package, and one that supports SSL, since you'd be taking credit card payments.
    There are several ways of setting up the membership thing, and you should consult your payment processor for advice I think.
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    Yes, of couse even you the Web hosting package and also user script files to accept user infomation and Credit card details. Usually these scripts files developed in PHP or ASP.

    Better you contact your developing team or person who handle your Dynamic pages in your particualr site.

    Good LUCK !

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