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    Hi there,

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any VPS experience with either or

    They both suspiciously look very similar in what their set ups are, but its difficult to know whether they are the same company or not.

    Anyway, they seem to offer very decent VPS resources, far better than what is available mainstream at a slighly less cost than everyone else too. So before taking the plunge I thought I'd politely ask the WHT community here for any feedback on either one.

    Thanks for any comments returned.

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    Never heard of either company.
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    I am interested in knowing more about this as well. If they're legit, that's a good deal on VPS' I think!

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    Yeh, they both seem to be the best around so far...

    Guaranteed 512MEG RAM for $49.00 or even a 1GB RAM one for $74.95. Seems everyone else is about 20% to 40% more expensive than these two. I wonder if they the same outfit?!?!

    This is why I wanted to get some feedback as they both appear to be leading the way in pricing and resources for VPS at the moment, by quite a big margin actually.


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    i am using hosteasier and they are using hostforweb hardware i think they are the reseller of them.

    i can give you my IP so you can take a whois and see the hostforweb
    Kind regards

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    I have heard of hostforweb and their support seems fairly good. I chatted with them about getting a VPS through them and they answered my questions very thoroughly and were very knowledgable. So I would go with hostforweb since hosteasier is just a middleman.


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    I was with Hostforweb for awhile, but switched to because they were running an old version of cenOS.. 3.7 or something, and security was becoming an issue.. Since I switched to futurehosting, have had no issues whatsoever with security.. When I was with hostforweb, root was compromised quite a few times, and my email had more spam in it then I was used to seeing.. I thought it was just a coinsidence at first, until I switched providers, then realized it wasn't just a coinsidence, because the spam problem and hack attempts went away. I also noticed major slowdowns in cpanel/WHM, but I was only running 256mb guaranteed RAM, and all they knew about security was installation of mod_security, so yes I found there tech support friendly and helpful, but not very knowledgeable in securing their own equipment, so I wouldn't go with either one, but if they work for you then thats great, I know they are lower then most of the competition..

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    If you're newbie to VPS, I hope my experience will be helpful.

    I chose Hostforweb (HFW) after a lengthy search on the web, after reading many good reviews on them, especially on this forum (WHT).

    I am a newbie to VPS, but not to shared hosting. I was hoping to find a reliable VPS provider, which I can recommend to others. (I stuck with my previous shared webhosts for 3 to 5 years, moving on ONLY because I want to try VPS and they don't provide any).

    I have been with HFW for about six days, busily moving my domains from my shared hosts ... and let me tell you why I am going to drop HFW ...

    The short version is that I had a major problem with getting emails sent out and the helpdesk took 24 hours to solve.

    Can you imagine if I am a reseller and I have to tell my clients their email is unstable and it will take three days to fix it??? (I didn't report the problem immediately. I waited about two days just to be sure it was not a DNS propagation issue).

    My BIGGEST complaint is that the helpdesk don't read everything. I can understand they have a lot of targets to meet and perhaps quickly scan messages. However, if the issue is important (and sending/receiving email about tops it) I would expect some more competency ... especially if the issue remains unresolved for a long time.

    In hindsight I should have asked for a Level 3 person to intervene. My advice to VPS newbies is that should you get dubious advice from helpdesk, escalate to someone who is more competent.

    I wonder if all helpdesks are like them? They tend to quickly scan the support tickets, and different people will respond to the same ticket. While I can understand the need to hand over to different helpdesk persons, this experience made me feel I am being bounced around with people who don't really know what is happening and can't be bothered to read everything.

    How do I know the helpdesk don't read? At least on two tickets, I gave the information (root password) in my FIRST email only to be asked for it immediately on reply or in the next email.

    The frustration in me just boiled over when the helpdesk said everything is OK when it is so apparent that the person didn't read the ticket history.

    [ Anyone from HFW reading this, the ticket is [GOK-41853] Read the history and tell me why I shouldn't be so frustrated ... I have yet been given a good answer ]

    One of the reasons I chose HFW is because of the glowing reviews of the helpdesk mentioned in this place (WHT), and, admittedly, because of their prices.

    After this experience I think perhaps the reviews could have been dated and there have been staff movements or they are just overwhelmed with too many customers. (And I am certainly going to increase my budget. Perhaps in this case I got what I paid for).

    I hope this helps you make a decision on HFW. I am going to ask for my money back from HFW and move on to another VPS.

    I spent the past eight hours looking through WHT, reading reviews and emailing a few companies to decide on my next VPS. I hope I will find the right partner this time! (I will post my research in a new thread).

    Finally, if you are VPS newbie like me, WHT is a great place to be. A big "Thank You" everyone who is actively participating.

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    I'm working with about 7 months and I'm very happy with their services. No downtimes and an excellent and friendly help-desk. I have VPS-1.

    Luis Pita

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