Yes this is true now you can get your hosting plan as much as you can pay let us mediate and negotiate the hosting market and find your needs.

1st you have to acquaint with your budget then let our staff do his work ..
Communications are our way to negotiate :

1- Face to face negtiation.
2- Phone negotiation.
3- Massenger and live chat negotiation.
4- Mail and ticket support negotiation.

The way we observe :

there is a deadline that we can not pass,so we have to know more about you,your limit,and what you can sacrifice.This is actually apply to the other side (hosting company).This is the 1st stage you should to begin with,to know more about the second and the third stage (time and power) please visit our website at

Or download the pdf clarification file to know more about :

1- Information stage.
2- Time stage.
3- Power stage.