Why to choose us?
DDoS protection (say no to null routes and downtime due to DoS attacks)
Weast Coast Located servers
Our own control panel
-> OS reloads
-> Fedora Core 4
-> Fedora Core 5
-> Debian 3.1
-> Centos 4.3
-> Submit a support ticket if you need another Distro
-> OS reboots
-> Root password change
-> More...
Free control panels [Directadmin/Cpanel]
We don't oversell
Initial os install manually done by us to avoid errors

We will never oversell, we will only setup vps on this node before reach one of the following ALLOCATION limits:
6TB of monthly traffic
252 IPs
2048MB of ram
5.6 GHz of CPU power

We allow:
Legal adult content
Irc traffic (Psybncs, eggdrops, ircds, etc)
Small and Large Files

We don't allow:
Any illigal activity
Denial of Service bots
Any attemp to disrupt network or servers

Our offers:

Space: 5GB
Bandwidth: 250GB
RAM: 128 burstable to 2048MB
CPU: 350Mhz burstable to 5.6hz
IPs: 5
Free DirectAdmin Control panel

Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
RAM: 256 burstable to 2048MB
CPU: 700Mhz burstable to 5.6hz
IPs: 10
Free Cpanel

Is your VPS provider down? Are you looking for a new provider but you are afraid to move?
If you are in this situation send us a mail to [email protected] with an invoice, credit card statement or paypal screenshoot.
We will give you 70% off the first month.

Contact us to [email protected]

Test-IP: [awknet]

[Activations can take up to 48hours due to control panel licences activation]
[usually 16hours]

14 day money-back guarantee
99,9 uptime guarantee