This is what I need,

Customer access site and logs in, once logged in they should have an interface where they can create multiple individual accounts sql. Once accounts are created, customer clicks on account.

Once on account, there should be an interface that allows him to upload either "PDF, JPG, TXT, Word" Document, also something that allows them to make notes.

"the sole purpose of uploading this document is so that my staff can review the document"

On my end there should be an interface so that my staff can access all the customers and their individual accounts. Once we review what the customer uploaded, we should be able to upload a document that the customer in turn will be able to download or print.

I am looking for someone experienced and capable of doing something along the lines of what is described.

Please contact me via PM, I can pay for the whole project or by the hour. I am not looking for the cheapest person. I take qualification over price, however if there are two people with similar qualifications, then of course whomever bids a fair price will get the job. I know this is not a $100 dollar project and I am willing to pay to get the job done right!

Thank you!