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  1. #1 - Anyone heard/tried?

    Hi just like to ask if anyone have tried

    There package sounds good but I wonder about the reliability.

    For $6.95/month without setup fees and Free domain not to mention I have a coupon for 2 months free you get the following:

    Personal Disk Storage (BIGGER!) 35,000 MB Data Transfer/Bandwidth (BIGGER!) 750,000 MB Host 10 Domains on 1 Account (WOW!) Free Domain for Life FTP Accounts 2,000 MySQL Databases (WOW!) Unlimited Addon Domains 9 Parked Domains 10 Sub Domains (WOW!) Unlimited
    And a whole lot more.. Any inputs would help. Thanks
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    35,000 MB Data Transfer/Bandwidth (BIGGER!) 750,000 MB
    If it sounds too good to be true then it probalby is. Have you tried contacting them - testing support speed etc ?
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    It looks like they are overselling on a massive scale. I would be careful with any deal that sounds too good to be true.
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    Thanks for the inputs

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    I would recommend reading

    Massive overselling, avoid.

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    They belong to In what way there associated I dont know, but the domain seems to be owned by midphase

  7. That probable just means that they are resellers of midphase.

    I would strong suggest that you stay away from this host.
    1. Since they are resellers they are overselling there hosting agreement with midphase. If one of there clients actually does use up all that space that they are offering anhosting will probable go over there allowed usage.

    2. If they don't own there own servers (meaning there a reseller of midphase) it is probable single man hosting team. This could mean bad support.

    Go with a more established host and put out the extra couple dollars. That's my advice

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    Howdy Guys,

    midPhase acquired AN Hosting several years ago. We own the company and operate it
    independently from a marketing perspective. We are the sole owner of AN Hosting. It is
    not a reseller of any kind.

    Hope that helps you make a good decision. Happy hosting,

    Dan Ushman
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    thank you for the information.

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    Lightbulb No mention of uptime ?

    I agree with jmcallister, WN-Ali and most of the posts here that that host that you are looking at could well be overselling - and because of that, you'll not get, the ever so important, good uptime, good support etc.

    In short, what you get is not quality but only a cheap price - nothing more.

    After checking out on that host ... what worried me most was they don't even mention anything about uptime on their website ! Uptime is so important when comes to hosting as a site that is “down” is as good as not having a site at all – no visitors, no traffic, no revenue, nothing. Because of this, a very high uptime guarantee percentage should be your top, or at the very least, major criterion when choosing a host.

    Some host guarantee 99.5% uptime and some, 99.9%. Also, go for hosts that guarantee both server and network uptime. Do realise that most hosts just guarantee network uptime.

    That host you are looking at... I suspect they forgo important basic stuff like uptime and just provide big figures for space and bandwidth to lure customers. I also doubt support is good.

    If you are willing to spend $7, there are much better hosts out there that deserves your business. I have dealt with Hostgator, they have $7 plan and many people know they are good.

    Hope this little post of mine helped.

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    Com'on--give us a bit more credit. We do list uptime on our guarantee page, it is 99.9%.
    Look for yourself, that has been up since the site went live.

    We host a lot of sites -- nearly 50,000 between our brands. I am not looking to get into
    any kind of arguement, but please at least have your facts straight.

    Dan Ushman
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    SingleHop, Inc.

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    Hi Dan,

    Although I remember not seeing it the last time I checked, I do apologise if I missed out on the 99.9% mentioned on your website pages if it has been there all along. It is now clearly mentioned on page :

    I am always on the look out for good hosting companies. And I would love to give credit when credit is deserved. And if your hosting is good, I would like to recommend to others too.

    However, usually guarantee comes with some form of compensation when the promised uptime level/percentage is not met. Eg. a full refund or a partial refund.

    After reading your Terms of Service ( I could not find any mention of such compensation. I also could not find any clause related to uptime guarantee in your Terms of Service agreement. As at today, I don’t see a Service Level Agreement (SLA) on your website.

    It is not my intention to find fault with hosting companies/hosting plans. I just want to guide those who are looking for good webhosting as I do not want others to get burnt like what I experienced before with some not-so-good hosts.

    Again, if your service is above the rest, do let us know! I would love to hear from you.

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    Like I said, we host a lot of sites and I don't feel that we would have been as
    successful as we are if we provided poor service. If you would like to test our
    support out, feel free to contact us and pretend to be a customer or something.

    I feel that midPhase and AN Hosting provide an excellent service and a great
    value and that may explain why we are able to maintain our growth.

    Best Wishes,
    Dan Ushman
    Co-founder & CMO
    SingleHop, Inc.

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    Both ANHosting and midPhase oversell.

    Overselling does not affect support, buy effects your quota.

    In short - try to use all your quota and bandwidth. - You simply wont be allowed.

    If you really need big space and bandwidth I'd recommend a VPS or Dedicated server. Or if you require small - medium I'd recommend going with a less oversold host.
    Recommended: Stablehost, Hivelocity, Fused

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    As I was randomly browsing the web, I came across this post. Needless to say I had to stop in and try and stop all this nay-saying that is going on here.

    Its a known fact that typically, it is to good to be true if it looks to be on the internet. I wont deny that, but AN Hosting / midPhase really is a very trustworthy webhosting crew.

    I've been with them for over 3 years now, regularly using their services and being given extremly high quality overall.

    Back in Feb of this year I posted a review of this hosting service in my own expericences because of how happy I am with these services. 8 months later I STILL am just as satisfied. (

    My highest peak was back in March where my website generated more traffic then I ever had, and still have had.

    Total Hits 127719 Total Files 79449 Total Pages 4514 Total KBytes 124965280
    Yes, that is 124.9 gig of traffic.

    Was my website closed? Did my account get killed? Was I bugged at all by them?


    Best of all, I only pay 9.95 a month on what started off as a 500mb plan 3.5 years ago, now I have 15gig of space, and unlimited bandwidth. For NO EXTRA cost. They are loyal to their customers as long as you dont abuse their service.

    They stand behind their claims, unlike most naysayers seem to believe.

    They are the best webhosting I have ever used, and to this day I still will vouch for them.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

    I just find it sad how people are so quick to dismiss and falsely state such things.

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    750 GB of BW for less than $10?! I must be an idiot for keeping my person radio show/blog on a dedicated server all of this time. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    Well, I think to answer the OP's question, they seem pretty good. According to the testimonial.

    I would still be hesistant towards the large space and bandwidth.

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