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    Programmer needed - must know QuickTime API


    we are looking for a programmer for a custom application/script
    for windows to perform the following tasks:

    1) connect to a Mpeg4 audio stream (actually the script should open an URL that contains a javascript we already did - this javascript opens the stream in QT player using a poster movie)

    2) fill the QT authentication window with user/pass

    3) continuously check if the stream is coming to QT player (the application have to check the "QT player imput" not i.e. PC ethernet or modem)

    4) if QT is not receiving the stream the application should reconnect automatically.

    We need few user settings:
    1) connection start/stop time schedule (every day the same time)
    2) URL
    3) user/pass

    If anyone is interested (or would like to recommend someone) can contact me directly by email, thanks!

    avonline1 @

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