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    WorldPay Chargeback Fee

    Thinking about getting a WorldPay account but would like to find out its chargeback process before making final decision. So for those existing WorldPay users, please kindly give me some information.

    I learnt that the Chargeback fee is 10 BP. Is that correct?

    If there are multiple partial chargebacks occurs to the same transaction, will I only get charge the Chargeback fee once?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Yes, you will pay for each chargeback separate fee and chargeback fee is depends on your contract - contact Worldpay and talk to them about it.

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    It's definately something you want to discuss with WorldPay themselves, as most of the time the chargeback fee's are set depending on the merchant.
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    This is not a question for WHT, you should contact World Pay directly at 1(800) 661-7079 ( Mon/Fri open 24 hours )

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