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    * Chat Room, Message Forums, and lot's MORE! Only $75.00/Year

    This is a special offer for WHT Users ONLY!!! What we can offer you is:

    25 MB Diskspace
    2GB Bandwidth
    5 POP3 Emails
    Unlimited Email Forwarders
    Unlimited Auto-Responders
    Java Chat Room
    Message Forums
    Pre-defined Scripts
    User-defined Scripts
    FrontPage Extensions
    MySQL Database
    Control Panel

    Let us know if you require any further features or information.

    James Cutlip
    [email protected]
    JC Interactive Website Hosting and Designs

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    Thats really expensive for 25megs and 2gigs of transfers. You might want to rethink that plan.

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    I understand that many people feel that the plan I posted is expensive. However, most of those people either are just looking for the CHEAPEST hosting package, or do a lot of shopping around.

    With the amount of work and effort that I put into this business, and the features that I offer in this plan, I feel this is a very fair deal. At $75.00 for a whole year, I think it's very fair.

    But I do thank you for checking it out, and giving me your opinion. I have no doubt that in the future at some point, I probably will produce a special plan that gives more bang for the buck.

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    I'm glad that you put alot into your company but most company's would offer that for $40 a year. Most customers do alot of shopping around before they go with a hosting company. $75 is just over priced and $40 is a fair deal.

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    $40/year for hosting is just way to low for a host to survive unless they are non US based, company run by kids, the host offers extra space on a dedicated server they already have for one of their own sites, or they run the company as a hobby. You need to keep at least 66 customers per month to just pay for the server, a phone line, cable/dsl internet access for your home. $75/year IS a fair price for the host and client. Good luck with your company.


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    I also agree, this is a fair deal, not "superb" but this deal is more likely to be there the whole year than a 40/year deal.

    And most people do not realize just how many pages they can get in 25MB, for 98% of the sites out there a ONE MEGABYTE account would be plenty.

    again, Good luck

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    In the famous words of Bartles & James:

    "We Thank You For Your Support!"

    Anyway, amd_duron expressed the essence of what my company is trying to accomplish. Although we are certainly trying to attract customers of all needs, we saw that a lot of hosts were offering massive amounts of diskspace and bandwidth that 90% of the people out their would never need.

    So what we did was pack all of the features that we could into EVERY hosting plan that we offered. That way, the only major difference in our plans was storage space and the price. We just thought that it was unnecessary for a customer with basic needs had to upgrade a plan to get a mailing list, shopping cart, message forums, or something else, when they only needed 3-5 MB's of diskspace for their small business site.

    Of course, we are always open to criticism and suggestions. I'd be a fool not to pay attention. So I thank each one of you for your comments.

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    Then wouldn't a monthly plan would be better for your company?Actually the sites that I create use at least 50megs and 1gig bandwith. I think you should at least upgrade the plan to that. Most people need more space then bandwith. As I recall space is cheaper then bandwith.

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    You are entirely correct. However, most of the people that I deal with are small-business owners that are just trying to get a presence on the 'web. As such, they are typically just 5-10 page sites.

    Obviously, this is not the only type of client that I have, but, by far, this is the majority type.

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