I wanted to get some feedback from you guys on nocsw / nocmanager - anyone here thats been using it for a while?

- I understand that you need MB to run it, but somewhere else i read (on a post from 2005) that there would be a version out with support for non-mb setups, any news on that?
- It doesnt support MB 5.0 right?
- There is a new version on the way, right? Does anyone know when it will be released? I called them, but the guy who answered the phone wasnt sure.
- Does anyone know anything about the background of the company running it? Seems to be http://www.iracks.com, which doesnt look to promising.
- Any alternatives (i know nocwizard, and i am still waiting for ubersmith to release their DE)
- Any other input?

Thanks a lot for your help