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    HOSTING FOR Flash Website


    I am TOTALLY NEW to web hosting. I have just created my first website which is done entirely in Flash with swf files.

    I have about 70 files in all making up each page.

    I now need someone to host my site and am hoping for some recommendations????? I only need about 100mb of space.

    Also, i have a contact form on one of my pages - are these quite easy to set up and wil it cost me any more money?




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    contact forms cost no extra to run.

    how much bandwidth do you require? (this is the amount of transfer you will use. for example if you have a 1mb file and 1gb bandwidth it could be downloaded 1000 times in one month before the bandwidth it refreshed.)

    a flash website will run on almost any server. do you want linux or windows?

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    As most Flash based sites are rather large compared with regular sites, it is important you select a host that can offer you decent download speeds (slow download speeds tend to turn away visitors). Ask for a test file to download before ordering to ensure it meets your requirements.
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    like i said, as i am COMPLETELY new to this, i find it so confusing

    so I don't know how much band width I want. the website is one which is promoting me as a graphic designer. Its quite simple and is made up of swf files with buttons navigating the user from one page to the next.

    Also, I don't know whether I want Linuz or windows as I don't understand the differecne. the site was deigned using a Mac computer but I will need people using both PCs and Macs to be able to view the site.

    So what would you recommend for both these questions?



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    There will be zero difference in whether it's linux or windows. Both macs and PCS will be able to view the site as long as they have a browser.

    Note: I'd recommend linux anyways, as it's generally (someone is going to stab me for that) more stable.

    Most hosts should fit the description fairly easily.

    As far as file size goes:
    Take the size of your files (i.e. let's say 100kb) times the number of visitors you expect in a month: Multiply the two and divide by 1024. The result is how many megabytes you'll use in a month (just a general idea).

    You should then take that number increase it a tad (x2 or even less) and then find a host that fits your needs!
    As long as you choose a host that allows upgrades in the future you should have no problem.
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    Linux would be your best bet. I would suggest starting with around ~250MB of space and ~10GB transfer and work from there. Most hosts make it pretty simple to upgrade if you find you need more resources.
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    liamfahy, We were all new once, Linux will generally be cheaper and yes, can be more stable so you'd probably want to go with that. Other than that, most sites when they first go up use much less bandwidth than the owner thinks, so probably start off with a basic plan, any host can offer you this. Just find a good, realiable host. Do a search around here and keep your eyes open for both good and bad reviews. Remembering, just because a host gets slammed in here doesn't mean their not good. Do some research, make a list and bring it down to maybe 5 or so hosts that seem good to you. keep asking us for reviews of each, then contact them a few times and see who your most comfortable with.
    I highly doubt you'll use anywhere near 10 GB in the beginning, but you can always upgrade your account as needed. Less than $10.00/month should suit you fine.
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    Hi I have another question!

    My site is created entirely in flash. On certain pages I use JPEG images which I got onto my Flash page by using the "add to library" function.

    When I upload my pages to the website - Do I need the original JPEG images as well as the swf files? Or will these images already be encoded in the files so I won't need the originals?



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    The way I see it - you're going to use this website entirely for "promoting you as a graphic designer". If it's less than 500kb any host would be more than glad to have you as a client and you won't have that much trouble with speed. Otherwise if the file size is bigger then you'll need faster hosting.
    On your second question - the fla files contain the images (in the library) but it's always good to have these separately somewhere on your hdd (in case further manipulation is needed). And no - no need to upload them.
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    Congrats with your first site! It seems like you don't need much of anything, most hosts will suit you, you probably don't need a plan for more than $5/mo. Just look around, most right now praise HostGator -- and other have problems with them. Do some research, ask questions, and when you're finally comfortable sign up!

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    Flash is client side, therefore is indifferent which kind of hosting do you use nor with OS or anything.
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    I would use the host quote feature to get prices and offers from hosting companies.

    However I do recommend:

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