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    5 Only UK Resellers Accounts

    We are currently offering our "Resellers Account" for only 300 for the next 5 signups.


    *Redhat Linux 7.2
    *2000MB (2 GIG) Fast Linux space
    *25 GIG Bandwidth per month
    *Host Unlimited domains
    *Plesk control panel(s) 2.5
    *Unlimited email accounts
    *PHP Scripting
    *PHP Myadmin
    *Perl, SSI and CGI
    *Apache ASP
    *Unlimited auto responders
    *Unlimited mySQL Databases
    *IMP Webmail
    *Protected folders
    *FrontPage Extensions
    *Anonymous name servers
    *24/ 7 FTP Access
    *Technical support.

    You can view the "Resellers Account" on our site, however, to signup, please email or PM me and I will send you the URL. These accounts will be based on Pentium 4 1.6 with 512 RAM. IP to ping:

    This will be a first come, first served basis. or email: [email protected]


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    when we try go to Control Panel

    and click image opend new page with this msg :

    You were denied access because:
    Access denied by access control list.

    and ur plans ( Resellers ) just from Uk !

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    Hello drwewe. We are currently using the default Plesk control panel on our site (link) so you could try and go to and log in from there. (User: admin Pass: plesk) Our resellers accounts are availible to purchase from anywhere. (outside the UK. You can also pay for the account in $US)

    Thank you.

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    Is this on one server or more ?

    I'm interested, but i have 400 domains i'd like to put on the one reseller account. However they are all 5mb or less, so the space won't be a problem.

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    Hello Fishface. We have just obtained some new servers, so this would be on the same server. As you can host as many domains as you wish on teh resellers account, this should be fine.

    These accounts will be based on Pentium 4 1.6 with 512 RAM.

    Thank you.

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