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    Need Feedback on my hosting layout

    Hello friends,

    I made this hosting layout 2 days ago , and i need some feedback from professionals . (some of the blocks are incomplete , i have to fill them only when coding. )

    Hosting Layout

    Are the color combos good?
    is this layout usable?
    i am planning to sell this when complete , how much can i fix the price?

    Can some professionals help me with their constructive feedback?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Looks clean, looks professional.

    I might change the hosting plan donut type stacks though.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks friend .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperEdwin
    Looks clean, looks professional.

    I might change the hosting plan donut type stacks though.

    Good luck!
    Agreed, I could do without that as well. Otherwise it is a nice clean design. Try and find some nice images to improve the design though.
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    I completely agree with all of the above! I'd recommend putting together something ab it different for the plans. Personally, I'm not to fond of the icons either. I'd recommend changing them a bit, but make sure the icons you change them to are similar to the style of the actual design.

    As far as the navigation goes, I don't like the way it's laid out. Normally navigation on websites are visible and stand out. However, it actually took me a little while to find it (Yes... my eyes are fine ) - I'd suggest spacing them out evenly across, as well as increasing the font size a bit.

    Other than that, great work: Simple, professional and yet fun!

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    Thanks friends , i agree too , i will have to find some nice icons to fit.

    Also i always have some problems fixing the price of my layouts ( coded in XHTML and CSS ) .. How much can i demand for this.?

    Much Thanks,

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    any other guys who can give feedback and help ?

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    The main navigation would look better if the text was black, this way its hard to actually read it, you need more contrast, either put the text in black or darken the yellow bar a bit

    Also, increase the spacing between the selections in that navi, its packed tight there so the left side looks too empty and overall uneven

    Perhaps put the primary contact or something in the head on the right to balance out the logo, something small will do, just to balance it out (the menu didn't do the trick)

    The icons on the lower part, customer... testimonials support - put them lower, they need to be spaced away from the top, now they're too close to the edge...


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    Yes , you are right about navigation . It isnt lookng easy to eyes.

    Thanks for the advice.

    How much could i demand for this , if i put this for sale. ?

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    I have modified the layout, does the images look better now?

    How about the navigation ?

    Thanks ,

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