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    problems contacting AvidInteractive & Intello

    I've dropped a couple of emails and tickets in their helpdesk, but no luck no1 replies, i thought to post it here so one of their staff may see it here...

    is there any way that you can reply to my tickets please?

    Tracking Key: MTcxNnxob3N0bWFzdGVyQG15dXZob3N0LmNvbQ==
    Ticket ID: {AI-1716}

    that's my very last request, i couldn't find the other ticket ID's that i submited weeks ago.
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    Sorry, but WHT is not a support platform for the various providers out there. Thread closed and moved to Hosting Software and Control Panels.

    Feel free to contact by PM their representatives who have posted in this thread. It looks like there were active just hours ago.
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