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    Basic Shopping Cart Suggestions

    I'm working with a client that only has one product type that he is going to sell. What I'm looking for is a cart that will allow me to build the site on top of a basic shopping cart front end, but what I would like is a full backend that will manage customers, payment, shipping, etc. The more features that the backend has, the better.

    In a nutshell we just need a frontend that is very customizable for one product and have a backend that will run the cart.

    Does anyone have a suggestions?

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    You might want to check out pdq software. I just finished a site for a customer that had two products. Basically, you would just build the site and then paste and html link into the code and it would display the products. The backend is pretty sweet, and interfaces with a few of the different shipping and payment providers.


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    Cubecart is what you.

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