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    This is an old thread, note the date. Search speed can easily be increased to unlimited, and lighting quick but you give up date ordering. Just add the google toolbar, then activate the "search this site" button. But like I said, you give up results ordered by date, but gain much better relevancy, and the speed goes from mind numbing forever during busy forum times, to instant, all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acronym BOY
    That and the 4 character minumum is annoying when searching for things like TOS, AUP, zen (yes I was searching for zen as it is an uncommon word and it was in a post I made a while bakc and I wanted to find it), top, awk, syn, ack, etc,,etc, all those three letter acronyms/commands that someone might want some help on.

    But I forgot, if most people need help, they just make a new thread instead of looking.
    The 4 character minimum has to do the with MySQL configuration, just an FYI. Forgot the exact parameter, but I'm sure ProHacker knows.
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    ^^^ ft_min_word_len

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    It's also an option in vBulletin.


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