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    Established Forum for Sale (4600+ Members)


    Domain Details for

    Created 19-nov-2005
    Expires 19-nov-2007
    Registrar: Namecheap

    Google Page Rank: 2 (It used to be 4)
    Predicted Page Rank: 4

    Description: offers media hosting to fan sites. I forbid direct linking so all sites who have media hosted have to link to the files from the forum threads and then link to the forum threads from their sites. I use .htaccess. The files are all zipped to avoid high usage and are hosted with Dreamhost. It currently hosts media for my hostees too though and these will be removed after the sale is concluded. The next billing date for the Dreamhost account is February 2007. Bandwidth usage is way below the monthly bandwidth limit. (200+ GB). Visits spike up on media update days of the sites hosted. There are 4525 members and 6653 posts as of this posting. Media boards are viewable by registered members only. The site is not banned by Google Adsense.

    The buyer will get the following:

    * + Forums
    * The PSD for the layout (Layout is custom and unique to
    * Existing Backlinks and Affiliations (Currently affiliated with a few big sites)
    * (Used for the media account)
    * The Dreamhost Account (Next Billing Date: February 2007)
    * Forum setup in its new host
    * There's also a banner rotation hack that I installed mainly to encourage visitors to promote their sites. I am currently offering the space for free but you can switch this to paid.
    * The buyer will also have to honor current promotions


    Highest Bid so Far: $200
    BIN: $500

    I am willing to accept paypal or Western Union for the payment.

    Old Thread:

    Advertisement is also posted in:

    End Date: August 30, 2006 1 AM GMT
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    Could you please PM me a screenshot of your revenue statistics.

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