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    Need PHPBB Template Designed


    I need a PHPBB template designed, to look like Mac OSX Tiger, all those nice liquid blue aqua colours, tiger system icons would also be great for the forum icons all over the board.

    Please check out my current skin:

    I want it to look more fresh and stylish - more mac!!!


    CMC Design

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    I'm not allowed to pm, but checkout the skins we have created at get in contact with us with the info provided there and say referred you for better rates.

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    Apr 2006
    well, so far the best quote i have been given is for $50.00

    any more for any more

    and guys id like to see some examples of your previous work!!

    thanks netsinteractive
    CMC Design

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    PM sent active8 Thanks.

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    active8 if you don't mind you can send me your contact info via PM.

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