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    why ask for other webhosting if you are here?


    Why you guys keep asking where to host your websites if you are in this forums???

    why not just ask like i going to ask now...

    my question is...

    which hosting does this forums have with? and which plan?

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    look up top right, its the parent site of here is iNet Interactive i assume
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    I'll take a blind shot at it...


    Probably running something along the lines of load balanced Xeon servers with 4gb Ram in either a Raid 5 or Raid 10 drive configuration. Price might be offset somewhat by WHT putting the Rackspace logo at the bottom but if you are a mere mortal, you are probably looking at $2500/month unless they are running dedicated unlimited 100mbs bandwidth line in which case you can add quite a lot more to that number.

    NOTE: This is a "blind guess" so PLEASE don't take the configuration or price to heart.
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    this site is hosting in rackspace and probably be paying over dont know got to expensive and we cant afford that

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    because it is a public forum and everyone needs feed back and a second opinion?

    I took a shot.

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    Well, this website is 'Web Hosting Talk' and it is a forum which allows people to talk about web hosting so inevitably where to host and which is a good host would come out as questions.

    Not everyone can afford to go with Rackspace and there are a lot of good web hosts and datacenters across the globe which are competitive and offers great products and services so we cannot neglect them.

    If all the recommendations is just to point to rackspace then you might as well call this '' or something

    This is like the UN of web hosting, web host from across the globe visits here and discusses about issues, customers come here looking for help. You know that the United Nations Headquarters is in the US, it doesn't mean that is the only good country around. There are many others out there. It just happened to need an office and the NY site seems like a good deal at the time. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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