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    Web server architecture & configuration advice

    I'm thinking of pulling together a new server architecture for my company and would like to solicit the forum's advice.

    I have about 60 client websites that will likely all be running on a PHP/MySQL CMS. The sites don't have a high amount of traffic, however in the event that load spikes for one client, I'd like a server that can handle the burden. Spikes would probably not last more than a few hours tops...maybe a little more.

    I'm currently looking at a dedicated web and DB server.

    Web: 246 Opteron single proc, 4GB RAM, 2X73 SCSI HD running apache w/PHP5
    DB: 246 Opteron single proc, 4GB RAM, 3X73 SCSI HD running MySQL

    Each of these will likely be running Plesk CP for ease of maintenance. I know Plesk has a larger footprint than other CPs, but I find it user friendly and an easy sell to clients for managing their email accounts etc.

    Would I be better off in using these two servers as independent web servers, each with their own MySQL instances and spreading the clients across the two? Or is the Web and DB server architecture always a better fit. I see down the road it would also be better the have a dedicated DB server with multiple load balanced web servers. Is the multiple load balanced web server approach a better short term strategy as well, using a little lower end server for the web servers?

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    If you are expecting spikes, i would go with a dual core web server, and keep with the configuration you said for the sql server. Other than that, looks good, but would you really need 4gb ram for a database server, i would say 2 would probably do the job and save you some money
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    Those are some high end machines, they would handle any load just fine. You certainly do not need that much ram for either machine but it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

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