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    Question Good Reliable VPS?


    Hopefully somebody can help me. I am looking for a reliable VPS that can accommodate an ecommerce store - I am a reseller and one of my clients has an ecommerce store. My host notified me of them using too many system resources, and to look into getting a v-dedicated or dedicated server.

    I need at least 500GB of bandwidth and plenty of available resources. Cpanel is a must. I would also like to be able and resell space to other clients if possible

    I have been at this for days would and appreciate any help.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I have seen very good things out of PowerVPS. I referred a friend not too long ago and he has had some excellent service and response time. All tickets were worked within 20 minutes of entering them and I think all of the issues were just things he did
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    I also heard PowerVPS is one of the best, but I think they're a little bit expensive. If you are advanced in managing VPS, I would recommend you MidPhase at
    Heard MidPhase is a big company, but sometimes I dissatisfy their support. Of course it depends who is the tech supporter at the mean time. Even one of their support team staff John Skopis shout me though the support ticket. "Don't be silly! I have started your server for you..... etc.." He said the server that I am hosted had some critical issues because of me. Before this I heard the server had problem because of me, and I stopped my VPS because I didn't what to do since I'm not advanced in managing VPS. I can use only WHM/cPanel
    Then he asked me to setup my firewall. If i can't do this, he could do for $50. I was wondering if my VPS could hurt the server. Most of my users have only static pages, and others use phpbb or joomla.

    However, I recommend you MidPhase.

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    I'm looking at Midphase's site and I don't see how they're significantly cheaper than PowerVPS.

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    249 is great, they have some good webhostingtalk offers (see VPS offers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by enti342 is great, they have some good webhostingtalk offers (see VPS offers)
    Thanks for the Awesome Comments

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    When you are at the point that you need 500gb's of bandwidth and you have a site overloading system resources on a shared server, going the VPS route is most likely a step down on the ladder. I honestly advise you to get a Dedicated server. As with a VPS you only get minimum and generally some burstable resources. And if you think PowerVPS is too expensive, you've got another thing coming.
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