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    php caching and webhosts

    I have a site that runs a lot of PHP scripts. I heard that software like Zend Cache, APC, eaccelerator, are used to speed it up by keeping the php file in compile state for as long as you want.

    Is this software found in every webhosting service?

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    No, some companies offer it, some don' for hosts with Zend Optimizer or eAccelerator like you said...

    It's all third party none of it comes with Apache or the web servers so its up to the host to install it...

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    thanks man

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    Zend Optimizer is pretty normal, because most of the commercial scripts does have their files encoded, therefore, ZO is needed in order of make them work.
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    Most web hosting companies come with Zend, but not always eAccelerator. As mentioned before, just drop a line to their sales teams and they should be able to answer it.
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    Zend is almost universal but some other programs like eAccelerator may or may not be.
    Some of the "caching" programs which produce notably faster performance on some sites (usually forums & such) also use more RAM and mainly more CPU "holding" the cache.
    Thus depending on what you are running in theory you might not get better performance on a shared environment if too many sites were using those "cache" functions compared to the server's capacity to handle them. In a "perfect" situation you would, but in others you could get better performance without them. So as said ask the host for what you want and what you plan on doing with it.

    Also note that because of this some hosts that have Zend for example, may have it for PHP encoding purposes but not allow "caching" operations. Several variables to ask about before "assuming" anything.
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