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Thread: Hosting layout

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    Hosting layout

    First time selling templates i guess... But here is what you get

    • Fully Layered PSD
    • Full/Re-sale rights
    • Some minor changes if you want.

    Asking for $60


    Ignore some of the crap i wrote there, i just needed the content
    .: CrapTalks :. Blog with full of craps

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    Price lowered to $45

    I can't find the edit button but i have changed the layout a bit... Here is the new design:

    EDIT: Now i found the edit button, but couldn't find it in the previous post, any idea why?
    .: CrapTalks :. Blog with full of craps

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    Ok, i need to get rid of this... price lowered to $30
    .: CrapTalks :. Blog with full of craps

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