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    Talking Can u review my site?

    Can you have a look at my web hosting site and give me some feedback on it please.


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    I like the layout nice and clean to me I think it is a good color scheme also. Overall very nice site and best of luck to you in further design and development of your website.

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    Yes we can review your site

    I like...

    1. The Weight - I like how light it is - pretty easy to look at and no crazy un-needed flash work.

    I might change/do...

    1. Logo. the logo is just a standard font and it doesn't stand out from anything else on the site. It also leads me to believe you do design work - this isn't that big of a deal, I understand that "Designs" in a name does not always mean that this is the case, but the slogan doesn't help clarify it either... maybe it could say, "We provide HOSTING for you!" - just an idea.

    2. Top Navigation. Your navigation is inconsistent - it various from page to page in size. For example, the nav is larger on the contact and support pages than it is "normally" on most pages. And when you go to "Servers" it is smaller than "normal". So you have 3 different sizes for the nav - not good.

    Also, "Testimonials" is not capitalized - easy fix of course, and not a big deal, just thought I would mention it.

    3. Fonts. There are a large number of sizes and colors used for your fonts throughout the site. You might consider making things a bit more consistent.

    4. Hosting Page. Your "signup" buttons have the wrong size in the html, making them appear stretched. The html is making them 70x30 when they are actually only 60x18.

    5. Support Page. The content is crammed into the center creating a narrow column of text. This would look better if it were allowed to stretch left and right to fit at least the header at the top.

    6. Margin. One of my most commonly mention changes - your content on the right sometimes runs right up against the left nav, literally touching the boxes containing links and info. This look pretty unprofessional as any kind of other documents we use have margins for text/content. For examples, see "testimonials", as well as the home page (the wide green and blue header bars), the "Hosting" page, etc.

    That's all I have time for right now. Good luck with your site/business.


    Disclaimer: These are simply my opinions, and mine alone. Do not take these opinions as official or final by any means as things I dislike, others may like. For the most part, my reviews focus entirely on the design aspect of a site.
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    I agree with ksgaservices its an over all good site clean coding and design. I like how you didn't use flash that really is a bonus with me.

    Only one thing i was looking at:

    ON the left side why is the template pushed to the right? ( i think it'll look better from left to right)

    Good Luck with your site,

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    the banner text is kinda hard to read.. and there is too much white

    maybe add a background pattern?

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    Good website, however I think you should improve your graphics.

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    definitely a nice site.....original!

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    I like it it's original but you may want to change the name of the packages to a different color they're a bit conflicting you want them to stand out a bit more perhaps turn them in pictures themselves and outline them in photoshop. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Not bad atall
    just one suggestion :
    change the font and colour of:

    | Home | Contact | Sitemap | Servers | About Us | Testimonials |

    and colour and font of :

    Read our Customers Reviews

    The reason being the font and colour you have used creates a feeling of distrust
    do a bit of research and find the right colour and font for it.

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