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    Red face Where could I find any provider of free enom reseller accounts?

    Hi There!
    My first time to post here, would like to greet you all! I'm new to this industry, but have great interest in it. I think I will have a lot of quetions to ask you in the future, wish you could help me. Thank you!

    Now, could anyone please tell me, where could I get a free enom reseller account? You know, normally I have to deposit more than $495 to become a ETP. Although that's not too much, that's really not small bucks for a new comer. So, I would like to know if there would be any provider to offer free enom ETP account.

    Another question I want to ask for help is about the domain reseller's legal issue. If I resell domains to my clients, am I responsible for the reselled domains or do my clients take the responsibilities themselves?

    Thank you all who's gonna help me!


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    1. Ask around. Read signatures. Few prople on this board use to give eNom accounts for free.

    2. What kind of responsibility you're talking about?
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    1. Thank you for your advise!

    2. I mean, we couldn't confirm whether everyone's infos are real or not when they register domains. If the clients host illegal content with the domain bought from me, will I be in trouble?

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    as Stan implied. Did you do any search of this forum before posting? You could try this thread for starters..
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    I think modernbill gives them away

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    Quote Originally Posted by franksredhot
    I think modernbill gives them away
    You must be a customer to get one of their accounts.
    Want to sell domain names? Sign up today for an reseller account from a trusted eNom ETP provider.
    * We provide support and service to over 3245 happy eNom domain name and SSL certificate resellers!

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    Thank you all!
    I've already set up my reseller account by stargate. Wait to see if they are really good.

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    HELLO there

    stargate is very good i have an account with them and its just awsome and support as well great
    i wish u all best with it

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