Hi folks!
I spent most of the day on here and couldn't really figure out what I need.
Please bear with me as I am a newbie at some of this.

Currently I have a Dream Host account which I host custom designed sites. I have been turning away a lot of clients due to the fact they wanted an easy sign-up with a site builder app.

I found sitereptile which looks a lot like what I want. The unfortunate part is that I can not automate user/ domain /subdomain creation on DH. I've talked to them and they indicated that they will be offering an automated app in the future for this.

But for now I need this. I have seen a few apps out there that work with cPanel, WHM.

What do you folks recommend?

Do I go Shared Hosting? (preferred due to budget at this time) If so, what company?

Dedicated server? (Needs to be very affordable)

Or Virtual Server? (Again very affordable)

Thanks a Mil!