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    Please Review My Website

    hi, i just made a site been 2 days. 90% work done.
    i want some feedback & suggetion... want to know how im doing so far..

    please any suggetion welcome...

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    Nice site clean and effective in my opinion keep up the good work.

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    Its very clean and straight forward. One hell of a job nothing can be said bad about it.

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    ...nothing can be said bad about it.
    Well, nothing BAD needs to be said, but there can always be improvements.

    I might change/do...

    1. Logo. Your logo doesn't look like a logo, it looks like an ad. In fact, it is indeed the standard size for such a banner. Be cause it looks like an ad, the site looks as though it has no logo or name at all. My eyes naturally look to the upper right and all I see is white. You may consider making a logo or putting something over there that doesn't look so much like an ad that many peoples eyes will simply glaze over.

    2. Navigation Over States. The color of your hover state in the navigation (red) is hard to read. This isn't that big of a deal as you can read it during it's normal state, but you might consider making it readable. Also, the red doesn't seem to go with anything else so it doesn't... fit.

    3. Consider Imagery. The site is primarily made up of text, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it might look better if you added an image or two into the content. It could also help for number 4 below.

    4. Content Running Together. You do have boxes seperating content, but they are light and blend with the color of the font and general blue tone of the site. Because of this, your text appears to all run together. Maybe something like icons next to each header would be effective.

    Other than that, it's not bad - very simple and clean, I just think it could be spruced up a bit.


    Disclaimer: These are simply my opinions, and mine alone. Do not take these opinions as official or final by any means as things I dislike, others may like. For the most part, my reviews focus entirely on the design aspect of a site.
    Something witty here...

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    honestly, i think your banner needs work

    other than that, your website is fine

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    Thanks everyone for review my site. im trying to improve slowly...
    now i changed the banner. as you guys advice. and also working soemthing on my forum. more advice welcome....

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