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    please see

    how do i know if i can build a forum in there? how do i link mySQL ? is there any script that is easy to understand?

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    there are pre-written scripts to do forums. PHPBB is a good one. check out hot scripts .com
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    It is very simple to install PHPBB forum. Please check the installation procedure
    FYI: You just need to have mysql DB, and its credentials for this.

    **Decompress the phpBB 2 archive to a local directory on your system.
    **Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure) to a web accessible directory on your server or hosting account.
    **Change the permissions on config.php to be writeable by all
    **Using your web browser visit the location you placed phpBB 2 with the addition of install/install.php, e.g., etc.
    **Fill out all the requested information and hit Submit( The information is nothing but you need to supply mysql credentials that's it.
    **Change the permissions on config.php to be writeable only by yourself
    **Click the Complete Installation button or revisit the location you entered above.

    Once you have succssfully installed phpBB 2.0.x you MUST ensure you remove the entire install/ and contrib/ directories. Leaving these in place is a very serious potential security issue. And try to keep your forum version uptodate inorder to avoid various threat's.

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