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    giga-international and easyspeedy

    Has anyone tried them? I know giga-international has 100mbps shared, but im not sure if easyspeedy has 100mbps shared or 100mbps dedicated..

    Does anyone know if either host can take a media download server? files ranging from 100-200mb's being downloaded lots of times..

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    I've been with easyspeedy for a couple of months and I am very impressed so far. The 100Mbps is shared (I doubt you will find 100Mbps dedicated anywhere in the 70-100 euro price range).

    Their 3010 package and above are unlimited, unless you are streaming or using massive amounts of BW it seems. You could contact sales about your usage, and hear if it will be considered "normal" usage, or you will have to buy additional BW.

    By the way, easyspeedy, seems to be sould out until the end of august, so if if you are in a hurry you probably want look elsewhere.

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    any other input?

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    bump up the thread

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    From reading their site, it seems their bandwidth is shared.

    If you post more details on your hardware requirements, and especially on your actual bandwidth needs...people may be able to assist you more.

    Do you actually need 100MBPS full time, as if you do, you are looking at $1000+/month.

    If you only need 10MBPS on average, but burstable to 100MBPS once in awhile, then it would be much less expensive.

    What are your real/practical needs?

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    I have a server with easyspeedy and is very happy. The pipe is dedicated and heres the info on the "unmetered bandwith" from their site:

    EasySpeedy offers a fast dedicated 100 MBit line to your server, not the 10 MBit connection that is offered by most hosting companies.

    Unmetered traffic means you do not have to worry about spikes in your server traffic increasing your costs, receive surprise traffic bills or keep track that you are not exceeding your monthly allowance.

    * Unmetered data transfer, in- and out-bound
    * Unmetered data transfer within our network
    * Improved external and internal connectivity
    * Genuine 100MBit speed
    * No Extra Bills

    Please note, that to avoid misuse, high-volume applications, like streaming, large FTP sites and similar will be offered dedicated pipes at extra charges.

    To ensure fair allocation of resources, misuse will automatically incur a temporary connectivity restriction of 10MBit. Reset to 100Mbit bandwidth can be manually restored in your Control Center. This process can be repeated as often as necessary without incurring additional charges.

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    colde, around how much mbps do you push with their servers?

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    Not much, only using it for the company i work for, but i would gladly put up a testfile for you if you wish.

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    yea, please put a test file

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    yea giga-international are good,

    currently doing about 20mbit but was goin up to 60mbit range for few days, my traffic varies alot

    and they have english speaking support

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