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    Question V - Dedicated Server questions


    Hopefully somebody can help me. I am in the process of looking for a dedicated server, but had a question about possibly using a VDS.

    1) If I bought a VDS server am I able to host clients, friends etc) like a reseller account? If so would they be able to see who I host through or would that be hidden?

    I would like to purchase a v-dedicated, but donít want the client knowing who I host through anyone have any suggestions? They would need access to cpanel to setup email, view stat etc)

    Any help would be great I have been at this for 5 days and would rather spend 80/mo rather than 200 for a full dedicated.

    Cpanel would need to be an option Ė Lots of bandwidth and available resources.

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    A Virtual Dedicated Server is not a Dedicated Server. OK, we got that out of the way.

    With a VDS or Dedicated Server, you can host your own DNS Server. It actually doesn't matter if your customers knows where you get your server or VDS because in the end, what is important is your level of service.

    If you basically want to check, there is no real way of hiding your datacenter.

    A VDS is just a virtual shared account because it shares the hardware with other VDS, the only difference is that you have full administrative access to your VDS. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thanks for the reply - Sorry I think it’s called VPS not sure if it’s the same thing. Basically I don’t care if they know where I get the server I just don’t want them knowing what I pay.

    I don’t want the company’s logo is the control panel saying 49.99 lol.

    I think I will stick with a managed dedicated, but have a couple questions. I am a reseller and one of my clients has an ecommerce store. My host notified me of them using too many system resources, and to loo into getting a v-dedicated or dedicated server.

    I am not sure what type of server to get processor, memory etc. They use under 60GB of bandwidth per month about 35 - 40 consistent customers. Would a Celeron 2.5 & 1GB of ram handle this? The site uses PHP/MySQL.

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions where to find a reliable dedicated webhost. Budget is around 150.00 I was looking into hostgators dedicated basic package.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Like I say, it is not important if they know how much you pay for your account, what is important is your level of service and your knowledge. You be customizing your own resellers and virtual hosting plans and you can decide what they get and at the price you are comfortable to offering them.

    There are a lot of web hosts out there and what sets you apart from others is what you can offer your customers.

    Getting a server is simple, getting a supportive web host is not something which every web host can offer.

    It is hard to say whether a Celeron would fit the bill because it depends on how active the sites are and how much dynamic contents there is.

    I doubt you will see the datacenter logo in the control panel for a VPS/VDS or Dedicated server. That is something you can be sure of.

    If given the choice, a dedicated server would outperform the VDS anytime. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    First, I'll second the recomendation for a dedicated server over a VPS for a high bandwidth site. IMHO VPSs have too much overhead to be efficient, and aren't all that much cheaper (if at all) than a low end dedicated.

    Having said that, regardless of which you choose you will be able to brand C-Panel/WHM any way you want. You will not however, if someone is sufficiently motivated, be able to hide who your datacenter is, and most likely who your provider is. They, probably, wont just stumble apon the info, but will have to go actively digging.

    Have you considered Semi-dedicated Hosting? 4 - 8 accounts per server. Less overhead than VPS, better performance for the price. - 15,000 New Domains a day. indexed by Pagerank, backlinks, Hits, and Length.

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