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    40 domains no longer supported

    I guess it's the end of domains (.shop,.travel,.med,.law,.free,.game, etc..). And now that's for good.
    I had like 3-4 of them registered with RegisterFly just for a try - unfortunately they no longer support them. There is no chance to renew them - all my support tickets were turned down - they do not want to have anything in common with anymore. RF advised me to contact regarding renewals - I did that many times - of course no answer from them, nobody picks up the phones. On top of it even RF (as their former business partner) is not willing to contact them on their clients behalf either.
    I've come to the dead end street. I just wonder how many people out there got scammed by those's domains? Any feedbacks?

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    I think .travel became a real extension nd created a conflict with names. I do not blame rf for dumping was a bunch of BS anyway.

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