Ackoo is actively seeking a PHP/MySQL developer who is extremely knowledgable of the language its ins and outs, and knows how to optimize code. We are seeking individuals that know what css is, how to use it, what div tags are, how to properly use them, what verified markup is, etc.

We are seeking someone that...

1. Has 3+ years experience with php/mysql DEVELOPMENT (not editing).
2. Knows how sites should be laid out, proper navigation techniques, etc
3. Is forward thinking, willing to take charge, make recomendations, etc.

Huge Plusses:

1. Joomla/Mambo Experience
2. osCommerce Experience
3. Open Source Script knowledge (knows about the various options and possibly has experience editing them)
4. Other languages are a huge plus as well. (javascript, actionscript, pearl, RoR, ASP)
5. Unix Server Administration could prove to be a huge benefit for future positions with Ackoo.

What we are not seeking:

1. Anyone from outside USA, Canada, UK, or Australia. (Excellent English language/comprehension skills are 5000000% necessary, no exceptions what so ever!)
2. Individuals who can not meet deadlines and guarantee their work.
3. Someone who doesn't have 10 hours a week or more to devote to a given project.
4. Anyone under the age of 17.
5. A person who can't be online for at least 4 hours from 12pm - 12am EST.

While I am sure I missed alot of things here, I hope that this provides a general understanding of the individual we are seeking. It may seem blunt and even rude to some of you. However, the truth of the matter is this; we don't have time to explain things 3 different ways to someone in order to get it accomplised. We have deadlines, and if a developer can't meet theirs, we can't meet ours. We sometimes have some large projects that require a good deal of work, and 10 hours a week at the minimum will be required to please our clients. While this is not a rule, individuals under 17 generally do not have enough experience to handle the type of projects will be have. Communication is key, we need to be able to talk for more than 30 min here and there. It is nice to be able to collaborate.

Pay is negotiable, rates will be based on the project scope, time restrictions, etc. We are very competitive in our pay and will discuss this with you should you be qualified.

If you are generally interested in this position and feel that you are qualified please contact me asap as we have a project ready for someone to test their abilites.

Contact Info:
AIM: ackoojacob
Yahoo: ackoojacob
MSN: jacob (at) ackoo (dot) com

Email: jacob (at) ackoo (dot) com