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    Your Recommendation

    Hello everybody,
    I have a web site which depends heavily on MySQL database, in average my site has 200 online users, this number is increasing rapidly, I think I will need to buy a good server soon that will manage my site

    here are some database stats:
    my database has more than 900,000 recoreds, it is about 200 MB in size, with more than 70 tables

    in the last 10 days there were 154 million query to the database(152.06 query per second), 4 GB of traffic received and sent to database,

    the site uses about 90GB bandwidth monthly

    I need a server that can handle all of this multiplied by 5

    I also have another question:
    If two companies say they have a connection of 10 MB port, if we use the same server at both companies will the site respond in the same speed? or does it depend on other things

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    If you are planning on increasing, I would recommend starting with something like a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz Hyper threaded machine with atleast 2GB of ram. The speed will differ as they are different locations, depending on how far apart they are.


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    thanks a lot

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    Speed depends on the bandwidth providers and location of the servers. A 10mbps port merely means that you can push 10mbps of bandwidth through it, upgrading to a 100mbps port does nothing to increase your speed, it just allows even more throughput.

    Considering you want a server 5X that, I'd suggest something along the lines of a Pentium dual core or opteron 170 with 2gb of ram and most likely SCSI disks to keep up with the database.

    Hope that helps
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    If you plan to jump to 600 SQL querries per second - you are going to need a hefty box. You probably are going to need a dual cpu box and at least 2 gb of ram (probably 4 gb if you plan to get to 600 sql querries per second).

    Bandwidth/uplink port speed wont matter - if you are pushing 90 gb of total traffic that's almost 'nothing', thats about 1/3 of 1 Mbit average per month.

    You need to focus on as much cpu and memory you can afford, and ideally some good disks (raid 0 SATA minimum, raid 10 SCSI ideally).

    It's all about how much you can afford.
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    For keeping things smooth in the long run take 2 servers, Apache etc on the first server and on the second put your MySQL a server like an Opteron 170 and get a fast HDD with about 2 GB of RAM, connect both the machine via Private Lan a minimum of 100Mbps

    It looks like MySQL will be your bottleneck so be sure to get a decent server for the same with plenty of RAM.

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    ranjitbhar, if he gets to the point where he requires a dedicated mySQL server, 4gb of ram is probably the way to go.

    At this point, he doesn't appear to fully need it; however, as always, I could be wrong. A single powerful server should suffice for now
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