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    getting problems

    I got few accounts from for win2k, but i am facing lot of downtimes, I started with them before 2 months but I never get peace of mind, my clients calling me many times, but i never get sufficent reply from them, also i paid them for full one year for 2 domains hosting, but i wana switch now, I think he will not refund me money.

    Now I am thinking to work with , please advice me any good host.


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    If you are looking for Windows hosting I suggest They do say Unlimited Bandwidth but they really do allow high loads of traffic as I know and the CEO is a nice and knowledgeable person.

    + Once you get an account from them you pay half price for other accounts.

    Thank You

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    Any body have big sql base site with them ? and how is uptime, I think crystaltech working since 1996 , I think they are best to select, but I will think about others if i will get any good, I need good uptime.

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