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    New Software to submit your website to more than 800,000 sites

    I have just released Traffic Geek 7.0

    Traffic Geek 7.0 is a Search Engine submission software to submit your websites to more than 800,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Google, Yahoo and Dmoz. The software includes more than 20 SEO tools such as link popularity, keyword builder, html validator, website ranking and the ability to add your own search engine databases.

    A free external scheduler that is included allows you to configure how often and when to automatically submit your web pages to the different directories. The reporting system that allows you to customize and email submission reports makes this product perfect for someone that wants to start a website submission service.

    New search engines are added monthly and it is free to download the search engine updates.

    The price of Traffic Geek 7.0 is $179.

    You can download a free trial version (never expiring trial) of this software from

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    If there a limit to the number of sites we can submit this with.

    Because i have about 20 sites of my own that id love to do this with, but obvisously if it'll only let me do one domain then quit it wouldnt be worth it at this time.


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    There is no restriction to the number of domains.

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