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    [Offer] Design and Xhtml/CSS! Afforable.

    What am I offering?
    I am offering afforable coding and design to anyone that needs it. I am not offering low quailty services and I am providing very reasonable prices and only a few slots will be filled as I would have to much to do.

    How much will it cost?
    Well, I do offer packages like;
    1 PSD Design, and XHTML/CSS for $115.
    1 PSD Design for $50.
    XHTML/CSS tabless error free coding for $65.

    Whats the turn around date?
    I usually get the coding done in 24 hours and design the same amount. I would say for the design and coding about 1-3 days if I was doing them both.

    I would rather not showcase abunch of links because I am doing some projects that cant be realsed. So if your seriously intrested send me a PM and I can send my resume and portfolio.

    Contact and Preferred Payment?
    email: [email protected]
    aim/msn/yim/icq: [request via pm]
    payment: I do prefer neteller but check or wire transfer is fine.

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    PM sent...

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