I am offering a wide range of advertisement on my site :


My site now averages 250-400 people on it at once at all times of the day..
Some days my site will get featured on other larger sites and get 2500-3500 people browsing at once..



Its a fast growing site and any links will get lots of click through..


Todays Alexa 37,064 1 week average 36,016


Availible advertisement :

Footer Site Wide Text Links :

1 week - $10.00
1 Month - $35.00

Site Wide 468x60 banners :

1 week - $15.00
1 Month - $50.00

120x600 Banners on all content pages.. VERY HIGH VISIBILTY!!!

1 week - $20.00
1 Month - $65.00

Sponsered NEWS Link.. At the top of every page on the website you will see a scrolling bar with news links.. I can post your link on that which will be active for about 1-2 weeks, then it will goto the archive news page forever :

Cost - $15.00 per plug

NOW all the above banner spots are in rotation other banners.. If you want SOLE spot of this banner, then let me know.. I am open for discussion..

*** Also another note.. My site is split into three sections.. I cannot post the other two sections on here because of the TOS of WHT.. But if you goto the root domain you will see what I am talking about.. I am offering the above advertisement deals on those section also.. I can even give discounts for SITE WIDE on all three sections..

Talk to me and let me know.. I am open for ideas..


Email - [email protected]
yahoo messenger - [email protected]