Hi guys!

First off mods, this isn't an ad, I am NOT selling anything.

Companies Interested in New Fraud Prevention System

I am here to seek companies that are interested in finding out and signing up for an account with a new fraud prevention system launching on January 1st 2007. This is unlike any other fraud prevention system and due to it's originality I am unable to disclose any details publicly.

This will be an ENTIRELY free service, I am only asking companies to join in now so that when it launches it can start off with a database of registered companies and authorities.

Every companies details will need to be confirmed before that company is accepted. Once a company is accepted an NDA will be sent out to that company, this protects sensitive information about not only this project but also about the company entering into a registration.

Once you have applied and everything has been confirmed and NDA signed & returned you will be given access to a discussion board with other involved companies. In this discussion board will be information about this new project.

Since I am not disclosing any information here, you are not signing any agreements to commit your company to anything. You are free to cancel your account with DiverseFlow after finding out what the project is, if you realize you aren't interested.

I am only accepting applications from companies involved in handling money on the internet. These include webhosts, estores, billing systems etc. If you have ever experienced fraud before we ask that you do not overlook this opportunity.

Please Email cmilne[nospam]@winaxis.com.au with all of the following details if interested;
- Your Company Name
- Your Companies Website
- Number of staff in your company
- Has your company ever been the victim of fraud
--- If yes, approximately how many times
- Your Contact Phone Number
- Your Company Address

Also, the confirming of your company & NDA signing is a very simple process, it will not require very much of your time at all. Company confirming is only neccisary if your company is small, depending on the obvious size and history of your company it may be un-neccisary.