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    Vps Clients For Sale

    Hello There,
    We currently have 2 VPS clients which we are looking to sell on to another provider who can accommodate them as we have recently decided to branch off into specialised hosting services.

    Client 1's Plan: (Currently hosted @ DedicatedNOW NJ)
    • 30GB storage space
    • 400GB bandwidth
    • cPanel / Fantastico
    • CPU: 320 MHz guaranteed
    • Memory: 384 MB Ram
    • 2 IPS.
    • Virtuozzo

    Currently pays: $56.99 / month and is the type of client who never misses a payment, been with us over a year now. Pays via paypal.

    Client 2's Plan: (Currently hosted @ LayeredTECH TX)
    • 12GB storage space
    • 150GB bandwidth
    • cPanel / Fantastico
    • CPU: 256 MHz guaranteed
    • Memory: 256 MB Ram
    • 2 IPS.
    • Virtuozzo

    Currently pays: $55.75 / month via PayPal also a very satisfied client.

    Total income from clients / month = $112.74

    Both clients do NOT have root access and are not very resource intensive. Client 1 has used less than 1GB of Bandwidth this month and Client 2 has used just under 20GB this month. Diskspace wise combined they are using less than 20GB. Very easy to manage indeed.

    We are entertaining all reasonable offers, please PM me or hit the "Email" link in my profile with any offers / questions, be sure to include brief details about your company.

    Best Regards.
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    $200 ? Is that enough

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