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    ExaVault Remote Backup SALE - 50GB / $15! FINAL DAYS! Expires 8-31-06!

    Our August sale is almost over – there are only four days left, and this offer will NOT be extended! Until 8-31-06, we’re offering our 50GB remote backup plan for only $15/month! That's only $0.30/GB! We've also got great deals on our other plans – check out the site.

    We offer open, flexible online backup services to customers running Linux, Windows and OS X boxes. You can use whatever protocols you'd like... rsync, scp, FTP, SFTP, etc., and there are no data transfer limits!

    Plans & Features - Sale Valid Until 8/31/06

    10 GB Plan - $10/mon Regular - $7.50/mon SALE!
    50 GB Plan - $25/mon Regular - $15.00/mon SALE!
    100 GB Plan - $40/mon Regular - $30.00/mon SALE!

    Support for All Platforms
    We offer backup services for all major platforms, including all varieties of Linux (RedHat/Fedora, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc.), Unix and BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc.), as well as Windows (including Windows Server) and Mac OS X.

    Open and Flexible, but Fully Secure
    We're open and flexible – we let our customers backup and restore data with whatever protocol they like. We recommend secure rsync and secure ftp – and have provided complete, detailed instructions for both on all the platforms we support!

    No Data Transfer Limits
    We don't place artificial limits on data transfer – you can backup and restore as much data as you want!

    Step by Step Instructions for Setup, with Screenshots!
    We've created an complete, detailed, step-by-step guide to setting up rsync on every major platform: Unix/Linux/BSD, Windows and Mac OS X. We've even included screenshots of each command. And if you still want more help, we offer a service to set the backup up for you!

    No Lock-In Contracts!
    We don't require any lock-in contracts – we want to earn your business each month! If you are ever unsatisfied, we'll give you a refund for that month!

    Full Phone and Email Support
    Full phone and email support is available during business hours (PST). 510-500-0245 or [email protected]. Emergency support is available 24x7.

    Have questions? Post here or contact us via [email protected] or 510-500-0245.

    Order Remote Backup Now!

    Offer valid until 8/31/06.

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    ... and we're now down to the final hours!

    To answer a couple of questions we've gotten via PM and email:
    - Yes, these prices are good for the life of the account.
    - This offer expires today, at midnight PDT (3am EDT, 8am GMT tomorrow).


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