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    Question How do I get my files up to the website?

    Ok im a complete noob! i just started building my website on dreamweaver and know who i want to go with for webhosting (cyberpixels) I was informed that in order to NOT have to re-name anything within dreamweaver and just strait upload it to the FTP, that i have to have special folders? The way i have my stuff arranged is like this.... C:\Suzuki stuff\Web\Reg. size images\whatever.jpg......In my gallery for example, when you click on them to open the larger image, its linked to the image on the HD....But how do i do this so that I dont have to change it all to http?!?! Does this make any sense?!?! Im a noob so i guess, a general rundown of FTP folders and how exactly i make my homepage www. .com.........thank you sooo much!
    - noob

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    Well, to some degree, if it works on your local machine (your computer), it will work when you upload it. I say this because you've used a program to design the site and there is generally fewer file naming errors, even if you don't know what the heck you're doing.

    THe one thing you want to remember (just in general) is that Windows isn't picky about the exact file name, as far as case is concerned. In other words, Windows sees the following as the exact same file:


    -but many web servers don't see this as the same file. As I said, if you used a program then hopefully it took care of this for you and you don't have to worry about it. Might as well try it and hope for the best.

    If something doesn't work, then most likely you linked it as something like:


    -when the actual file name is flowers.jpg and a quick fix gets everything happy. Also, refrain from using spaces in folder names and file names.


    Good luck... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Another error I'm sure everyone here has made many many times.... (well at least once, then learned to check for this)

    You stated you were aware of this problem... here's a quick fix

    if you have

    <img src="C:\website\images\logo.jpg">

    change it simply to

    <img src="images/logo.jpg">

    Simple check would be to view the source of your pages and search for "C:\"......

    Other than that.... If you don't know already you'll need a FTP program to upload/download from your site.... I good website to visit is They'll have what your looking for and much more.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hey there.

    For something like C:\Suzuki stuff\Web\Reg. size images\whatever.jpg in dreamweaver can go to Code view then do a Edit/Replace....enter C:\Suzuki stuff\Web for the Find part..and leave the replace blank. that will reduce the code for all your images to \Reg. size images\whatever.jpg.

    From there you're gonna want to rename your folder since as stated previously its kinda a bad idea to have spaces in folder names..So again you can do the FindReplace option in Code view..and find \Reg. size images\ and replace with
    Make sure that you change the foldername on your actual harddrive as well so that they show up in Design View.

    Next...For future page building you might want to declare your site in the Site manager of dreamweaver. That way when you insert images and such you can make them relative ie. /images/whatever.jpg automatically.

    To do that go to
    >Site > New Site
    and fill in the information for Local Info and Remote Info.

    Then when thats done and whenever you want to work on your site..Make sure you go to Site > Open Site and select the Site you are going to be working on.

    When thats can do your html and such..and when you insert an image or whatever make sure that at the bottom of the dialogue window that you're choosing the file to insert? Theres an option there that says Relative to Site or Document. Make sure it says Site and not Document. That will get rid of the file:\\C:\blahblah\whatever.jpg etc =) and instead set it to just the folders.

    Also make sure that when you setup the folder on your ftp site - make sure they are in public_html or www...and that they have the same names as the folders on your computer.

    *scrolls up and down*
    what a rambling post. Contact me on ICQ or AIM if you like - I can walk you through it step by step easier that way =)
    ICQ > 4940085
    AIM > CPixelsSupport

    Have a good Monday

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    Hey thanks guys! Ok, heres what i might you think that I should just start over? make new folders.....copy files over etc? it would prob. be a lot easier than changing stuff right? so far i only have two pages done...And another thing, why does dreamweaver store my files in the dreamweaver folder to? it asks me that message...Im thinking of just starting over....and if i do, i need to do the following right?
    1.) no spaces in folder names
    2.) site>new site correct?
    3.) what else? this website stuff is sooo confusing!!!
    thank you once again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm using Dreamweaver MX. One other point about file names. Stay away from Capitol Letters. E.G. Instead of : Flower.jpg use flower.jpg
    I find that using capital letters in a file name causes problems.

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