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    Thumbs down MelliniumNetworks and readyhosting

    does Anyone have any experience with MelliniumNetworks who offers $2.49/mth and readyhosting with 99/year?
    they claims for 99.9% uptime but never got that. server down without notice and customer service rsponses very late. My site is still down since 10 days.

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    I'm currently with I've been with them for a few months now, and must say that I find the server to be down frequently. Definitely do not sign up with them if you're looking for a reliable host, and their support is not very good either. Some times I won't get a response at all, and other times they get back to me in minutes... it's really hit and miss. Their service never really bugged me much, since I mainly run a small personal site, but now that I've got another site up there that generates decent traffic, it's starting to become a little frustrating. I've been without ftp access for nearly a week now... they say they're working on it

    Also, I believe they are one and the same with If you visit win2000hoster's site, and click on the testimonials link, it's actually hosted on

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    you get what you pay for. Always keep that in mind.

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    We have had some experience with readyhosting, we live about twenty minutes from their office.

    When we went thier to have a look they were in a run down building looked like a old dentist office, they wouldnt let us look inside, now they are in a brand new office suite shared with a realestate office and a doctor office.

    We set up a DBZ fan site for a client on their server and these were the problems we had.

    They ignore support requests.
    They have a answering machine (dont call back)
    You have to have them set permissions in your cgi-bin.
    When asking about dns entries on their bulletin board they axe the post, then remove all our other posts, then removed the whole bulletin board.

    Couldn't change 404's

    Servers down frequently
    Mail down often

    Our final e-mail to them was answered 3 weeks after we sent it.
    David Fricke (the owner) and the techs that actually run the show seem to be on different wave lengths.

    There is a user group at yahoo
    But Im not sure if they will allow you in.


  5. I was a customer years back.
    And even after I cancelled my account years ago, they still haunt me with Emails every now and then saying that my credit card will be charged for this and that. Crap, I have not used their services for donkey years and they wanna charge me for what?? for cancellation of my account with them?
    Even after warning that I will complain to the BBB if they keep sending me mails like that they still persists.
    And their Email goes like this:

    blah blah ......
    Please do not reply to this email as your request will not be received. Thank you....

    Total amount due:blah blah.

    Check it out: "Please do not reply to this email as your request will not be received"

    They have included a method for you to reply but dont waste your time. I warned them not to charge them for months but they are still doing it. I gave up. To those who have not but planned to signup, please consider twice. I dont want anyone to end up like me, receiving 'haunting letters'.

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    I don't see why so many are saying support is so late in responding. I ALWAYS get responses back and mostly within 2 business days. I've had many tickets open for different issues (ftp access, email outage, etc.).

    I don't see that much site downtime though, but I am not running any type of business, so I don't hit it X amount of times per hour. But I have witnessed some downtime. I didn't expect better for this price. That's the key. It's this price. If you are a business, don't use them... pay for a real host. Simple as that.

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    Originally posted by Bubble
    you get what you pay for. Always keep that in mind.
    Isnt it the truth?

    A bunch of webhosts should pull a fund togather to buy advertising space at the top of WHT that says just that.


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    Originally posted by Bubble
    you get what you pay for. Always keep that in mind.
    If only more people realized this , it would be a better world

    I really don't understand why people think they will get reliable hosting for under 5.00 packed with tons of emails , bandwith and expect good support etc.

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    I would advise anyone and everyone to avoid this host at all costs. Please excuse the long review, but this is something you should read if you are considering ReadyHosting.

    Here is a list of some of the issues I have had with them:

    1. Prior to their trouble-ticket system being setup, it would have been easier to sneak a nuclear bomb through an airport than get a reply from their customer service department. I tried contacting each of the email addresses listed on their site with no response. This was to setup a sub-domain, something that would have taken 15 minutes at most to answer. I tried the phone as well. After attempting to get through for 45 minutes, I sat on hold for 1 hour, to simply get the 1 minute answer to my question.
    2. Uptime? Doubt itů It would be easier to track downtime with ReadyHosting. For example, they advertise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is backed by a refund.

    We guarantee that your web site will be accessible at least 99.9% of the time. We back this by offering a refund to any account that is "down" due to a network issue under our control. We monitor our web server network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If, for some reason, there is a server outage - we know it.
    Using a simple monitoring tool, I kept an eye on the uptime of the site. I noticed an uptime of 98.22%, with multiple days where the site was not responding for 1 hour or greater. I had emailed this to several people, with no response, even tried mailing a letter. Soon after I mailed the later, they implemented the Trouble Ticket System so I submitted it. The time this ticket was in their queue was 152776 minutes! The positive side was that I was issued a credit of 3 months, however I doubt I will ever truly realize this credit.

    3. More downtime: Using the monitoring tool, I again reported about 6 or 7 days where the downtime was greater than 30 minutes. Here is an example:

    05.23.2002 17:02 Timeout 45 mins
    05.23.2002 15:35 Connection refused 15 mins
    05.23.2002 15:02 Timeout 18 mins
    05.23.2002 11:31 Connection refused 17 mins
    05.23.2002 09:56 Timeout 15 mins
    05.23.2002 08:45 HTTP Error 500 unexpected EOF before status line seen 35 mins
    05.23.2002 03:03 Connection refused 15 mins
    05.22.2002 21:15 Timeout 52 mins
    05.22.2002 20:16 Timeout 5 mins
    05.22.2002 19:01 Timeout 7 mins
    05.22.2002 15:34 HTTP Error 500 Can't connect to (Timeout) 15 mins
    05.22.2002 10:06 Timeout 15 mins
    05.21.2002 11:20 Timeout 56 mins
    05.21.2002 01:55 Timeout 15 mins
    05.20.2002 11:11 Connection refused 44 mins

    All I got in response was this:

    They are looking at that server and realize that there has been a problem with it . If the downtime continues , you can request a server move. Thanks for using Ready Hosting support.
    Boy, that really told me a lot about the problems I have been seeing. If the server was having so many problems, why not be proactive in the first place? But since hosting is not my business, I left it alone. Time in the queue: 50119 Minutes.

    4. I cannot stand the version of webmail ReadyHosting provides/provided. One domain has an older version, while a friends has a newer, more functional version. So I submitted a trouble ticket and this was the reply I got:

    If this is the type of service you need, then by all means, sign up. I have seen little to no action on the part of ReadyHosting to retain me as a customer. That is the primary reason I plan to move to another host as soon as I price out and compare a new one. I have stopped recommending them as a hosting company to friends and urge anyone to keep looking.


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