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    International Shipping and the like

    I live in Canada and I do a lot of ordering and Shipping to the USA. Most often I only deal with small items, so no duty or other fees are incurred. In the near future, however, I am planning to receive some larger ticket items from south of the border. A computer and accessories, to be precise.

    Before I give the ok to have it shipped to me I want to ensure that i'm not going to have to pay a $600 customs bill when I go to pick it up. That would suck.

    I know I'll have to pay the canadian taxes on it, but beyond that i have no idea.

    Do any of you dedicated WHT users (addicts ) have any experience with this sort of thing? I've scoured the government sites to do with customs, and, so far it has been a waste of time (It's all so hard to understand and all the documents are so intertwined. I need a secretary or clerk or something. Someone on the *inside* would be better.)

    Thanks if you can help
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    call me stupid, but how exactly is this different then what you did before, it just appears to be a bigger box?

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    It is different because Items worth less than $60CDN can be classified as a "gift". Duty is not charged on "gifts"

    The computer I am hoping to get shipped to me is worth a significant amount more than $60 CDN, so it cannot be classified as a gift. Because of this I am worried about the taxes, duties, tariffs, etc that may be incurred

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