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    Murderapolis has amazing hosting plans and excellent service. My friend is hosted by them and i will be starting hosted by them on monday too. The owner is really friendly and if you dont like a plan he will costumize it for you to what fits your needs then make a new price for you.

    well thanks for listening i figured this belongs in hsoting since well it is hosting

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    SPAM stinks in all forms!

    Shil! Shil! Shil!
    These are not the 'droids we're looking for. Move along.

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    can someone come up with a more stupider name then that, fricken morons!

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    Lol, sounds like an ex-gaming site.
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    the server that gets no sleep.
    1U rackmount server,
    Pentium III 1.3Ghz,
    1 gigabyte of pc133 sdram ,
    40 gigabyte ide drive,
    10/100 ethernet adapter,
    99.6% server uptime
    Seems as if its all on one server, so the name is fitting, if it goes down, then its murder, right?

    Also, what's with giving SSH out so freely on the main page?
    Want a few random people to try and access the one server via SSH?

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    Here is all I have to say ..... LOL !
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    I am now taking pre-opening subscriptions to my new hosting service.
    Soon more information on - the Social Internet Toolbox.

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    lol slaughter house hehe

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