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    Question Wierd. Very very wierd.

    This is what i did to the program. I have no idea why it seems to be bugged or wat... i have no idea how to fix it or to correct it.

    first of all please try this so you can actually see this problem.

    1)Go to
    2)Select any products and add to cart and it will bring to u another page.
    3)Click Continue shopping. and it bring u back to test1.html
    4)Click View Cart. It didn't show anything at all.....

    any idea how should i fix it?

    the script is located at

    thanks alot for ur help guys, i really appreciate it.
    been figuring out for a few hours

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    It is

    your cart you have to click on the update cart button to place the item in it. If not it gets lost and you have to start over.

    There are plenty of much nicer carts out there for free, why not go with one of them, try OsCommerce or City Shop either one are good carts and much nicer than the one you are using.


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    hello i just tried.

    i click at test 2 and add to cart then update items then clicked continue shopping then i click view cart and its not there??? also i cant seems to find Oscommerce.

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    Hmmm wel it worked for me.

    but for oscommerce. or for City Shop.

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    Wow. now its even wierd lol.

    try this.

    the data doesnt seems to be erase. except the layout i just copied from to test out the script and it doesn't seems to happen..... compare to the one i did it myself. anyidea y ?

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    ermm anybody?


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